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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken Man Commits Suicide

53 year old poultry lover Andrew Wordes, known as the 'Chicken Man', is believed to have committed suicide and set his suburban Atlanta home ablaze in a final defiant message to authorities attempting to evict him and his beloved chickens.

Wordes began keeping chickens on the property in 2005. He gained notoriety in 2009, when city officials cited him for raising poultry in his backyard after a neighbour filed a complaint. Wordes fought the city and later that year won the right to raise dozens of chickens on the property.

The case attracted widespread attention, with former Governor Roy Barnes representing Wordes in court.
Supporters wearing yellow T-shirts and 'I Love
Keeping Chickens' buttons attended his hearing.

He was sentenced to serve jail time late last year after authorities accused him of property code violations. According to AJC, he began falling behind on his mortgage payments during his sentence.

It is believed Wordes poured gasoline throughout the house and set it alight while he was inside. Emergency officials confirmed a body was found in the home but have not yet made a positive ID for Wordes. No one else was reported injured in the blast.

Fulton County marshal's officers had been at Wordes' property for about two hours when the house blew to pieces and a fire erupted at around 12:45pm. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Wordes was given an eviction notice three weeks prior to the standoff. He is said to have refused to come out or allow anyone entry. Minutes before the explosion, Wordes told officers to leave the .97-acre property. According to the AJC, investigators discovered an additional device in the home believed to be another explosive.

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Maggie Leigh said...

It is very sad when bureaucracy is so blind that it drives someone to their death. Why make him get rid of all the poultry. He had permission to keep some, so why not just enforce a particular number?

Poor man. Such a waste.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad indeed. Government is out of control. We can expect more of this if we don't do our part to reverse the political climate. God rest his soul.

Anonymous said...

Saddest thing ever. Poor guy-driven to death by monstrous bureaucrats and a nasty neighbor. I wish he could he found a great home somewhere else-and continued on.